Slideshare.Net – Are You Not Using It For Business? is an extremely powerful content sharing/social media platform that took the business world by storm after it was launched in Oct. 2006. It is the largest community for hosting and sharing professional documents on the web. Slideshare is the best channel for content marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses to reach out to their target audience effectively using presentations and also a great way to build their professional network and generate leads. 

You can upload a whole range of document formats (e.g. MS-PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF and so on), webinars and videos to this site on any topic, but most of the content that you find here is business and technology related. 

There are compelling reasons why businesses are utilizing Slideshare extensively for promoting their content. Some of them are as mentioned below, 

  1. Top site – Slideshare ranks at 194th position on the internet, which means it’s one of the 200 most visited websites on the internet.
  2. High traffic – Currently gets 60 million monthly visitors and 140 million monthly page views.
  3. Great search traffic – Slideshare content usually gets a very high ranking in search results, which means a sure shot way to get more visitors to your content from search engines.
  4. Better than the best – According to ComScore, gets 5 times more visitors than other popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – together.
  5. Shareable – You can easily share your Slideshare content on social media with the world.
  6. Embed presentations – Embed Slideshare presentations and videos on blogs/websites and company intranets.
  7. Integrate YouTube – You can even embed YouTube videos on Slideshare presentation.
  8. Great analytics – Slideshare offers great analytics features that allows you to know the number of visitors to your presentations, number of shares and other useful data if you upgrade to their Pro account, that will help you understand your target audience.
  9. Repurpose – Slideshare is a great platform to re-use or repurpose your existing Powerpoint Presentations or other Documents on your hard disk, publish it there and convert them into a targeted traffic source. The rule of thumb though is to make your content bulleted, relevant and short. Try to convey more with less.
  10. Generate leads – also offers excellent tools for branding, customization, designing, lead capture and an in-depth analytics tool – if you upgrade your basic account to a Pro account. You can also upload and host your videos on Slideshare if you upgrade. So if you are into inbound marketing, B2B marketing or content marketing you can always use Slideshare premium account for getting a very detailed info about your visitors and build high quality leads, But before you upgrade, it is highly recommended to be well-versed with the basic account features.

Now it’s up to you! Have you been using for your business? What has been your experience with it? How has this platform changed the course of your business? OR are you completely new to this technology? No matter what stage you are in, I am eager to hear your feedback about this powerful platform! Please leave your feedback as a comment below.

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