2 safe and effective link building and SEO techniques to grow your online business

This post is a continuation of my previous post where I talked about re-purposing articles to get quality back links and targeted traffic to your blogs/websites. In this post you will learn 3 effective link building and SEO techniques that will improve your SERP’s ranking and help you accomplish your traffic goals.

The 2 link building and SEO techniques that I am going discuss here are,

  1. Web 2.0 blogs
  2. Feeder Sites

Creating Web 2.0 blogs
First let me clarify what a web 2.0 blog is? Web 2.0 blogs are considered as the second generation of websites which gives more importance to human interactions on the site through commenting which is user generated data. This way the users can interact with each other on such sites. Some of the Web 2.0 blogs are WordPress.com, Blogger blogs, Wetpaint, Weebly, Squidoo and Hubpages. RSS syndication is another important web 2.0 property where the user can subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog. In general web 2.0 properties give importance to human interaction on the site. 

Search engines absolutely love these web 2.0 sites. So you must definitely make use of that by creating a site on all or some of these web 2.0 sites that I mentioned earlier and give a link back to your main site. This is a perfect way to build high quality back links, which can boost the PR and Search engine ranking of your site.

Feeder Sites
You can create feeder sites with free resource sites that has web 2.0 properties. These sites usually have a high Page Rank and high search engine ranking, and they allow you to create websites and host them on their server. Creating feeder sites with these sites and linking them together to your main site, this is known as a Link Wheel. It is an advanced SEO technique for boosting the Page Rank and search engine ranking of your main site. Search engines absolutely love Web 2.0 sites and they easily get ranked higher. Once you have set up your main website or blog you can create few feeder sites using the following free resource sites. 

  • WordPress.com
  • Blogger.com
  • Wetpaint.com
  • Weebly.com
  • Squidoo.com
  • Quizilla.com

In the next post I will be discussing the less popular SEO and link building technique i.e. link wheels in detail along with other 2 link building techniques to improve your search engine ranking and traffic.

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Learn to bombard your website with tons of targeted visitors using article directories

I have already discussed some of the major SEO techniques in the last 2 posts. In this post we will check out how article directories can bring in tons of traffic to your website or blogs.

We have discussed earlier that getting relevant and high quality back links from high PR websites can drastically boost the SEO value of your sites. But it’s not always that easy to get that. In many cases you may have to pay a fee to get a link back from a high PR site. But not to worry; you have other easier options to get good quality back links for FREE. Building back links is not a quick process; it will take some time and it is also an on-going process, because more the back links, the better. So you must be prepared to do a bit of hard work for that. Here are some common methods that I follow,

  1. Submitting articles to article directories
  2. Re-purposing Articles
  3. Link Exchanges
  4. Creating other web 2.0 sites
  5. Feeder Sites and Link Wheels
  6. Online Forums
  7. Blog commenting
  8. Social networking sites
  9. Submitting your site to social bookmarking sites
  10. Guest Blogging

Submitting articles to article directories
This is one of the most popular and effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your website as well as to build back-links. All you have to do is write informative articles on your topic and submit them to various article directories like ezinearticles.com, articlesbase.com, goarticles.com, associatedcontent.com and so on with a link back to your website. After these submitted articles are published and gets ranked higher in the SERPs you start getting visitors to your articles and ultimately to your website. And once they land on your website you can either sell your product or pre-sell an affiliate product to them.

Did you know that there are thousands of article directories out there on the internet? and you can boost your PR significantly by submitting your articles to them? But it is highly impossible to submit to thousands of those directories manually, then why not automatically? Yes, you can submit to thousands of article directories automatically through an article submission software tool. This tool can automatically register an account with thousands of article directories and submit to each of them. Isn’t it unbelievable? 

Furthermore, if you could submit a unique version of your article to each article directory, then the chances are high that more versions of your articles would get indexed and ranked higher by the search engines. This will bring in double, triple or even loads of traffic that you would otherwise not get. But how on the earth can you generate thousand or more unique versions of a single article? The answer is through article spinning or rewriting. An article spinning tool allows you to spin the words, sentences or even paragraphs of your article as per your choice and can create 1000’s of unique versions of it. Mass article submission with unique articles with a link back to your website or blog is a great way to improve your site’s PR, traffic as well as search engine ranking.

You can also find a variety of free tools on the internet but they may or may not be as efficient as the paid ones. 

In the next post you will learn the next technique i.e. how to re-purpose your articles to get relevant back links as well as targeted traffic.

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Smart Tips for Managing Online Business Efficiently

As a whole business relies on marketing it is imperative for any business to do marketing for getting profitable results. With many online businesses having same services and products, it is important for you to come up with essential strategies to build your online business. Any online business can achieve success if followed the right strategies, some tips that help your online business grow are as follows:

Understand your customers’ wants: Definitely we may not be farsighted, but by studying the customs and habits of the customers we can understand what customers are buying, why they are buying, and how they are buying. Apply seasonal patterns in your online business. Also do competitive analysis where you can find your competitors’ strategies and you can implement schemes and policies which helps your business to grow.

Be Noticeable to your customers: when a customer finds you in some ads or on the internet it must be easily recognizable. When starting your business, initially include some of the offline strategies such that your logo, online address and company’s name must be regularly present. If you are sponsoring for any of the sport team then book ads in the regional newspaper, if company name and logo is seen by customers then there is possibility of discussion to be taken place by the potential customers. 

Increase your internet presence: Getting the target traffic is an important factor to make your online business success. All the internet marketers get involved in increasing the traffic to site by applying various tools and methods. Make sure that whatever process that you follow help search engine to recognise your site. If your internet presence is increased then automatically your page rank will be increased and your site brings more business. Some of the things that you can do to increase your online presence are,

  • Maintain high quality, unique and fresh content on websites
  • Use proper keywords which are related to your domain.  Adding one appropriate keyword makes a big difference your site
  • Also do video marketing; it helps to attract potential customers, since some like watching videos rather than reading
  • Never paste the other sites content, which gives scope for the disciplinary and legal actions 
  • Also increase your site’s presence by doing the link exchanges

Back end operations: Analyze the data from the Webmaster, Google analytics and know the reasons for low conversion rates if any. If the customer is having problem the payment gateways, then you are going to lose them. If they have to wait for a long time then they probably will not be coming back anymore. Sort out these types of back-end problems which helps the customer to finish his job soon makes him to visit again and again. Never ignore little details, and also learn from the mistakes.

Many business owners who run short of money and having bad credit history and seek help from lenders can take short term loans such as bad debt loan for smooth functioning of their business.

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Slideshare.Net – Are You Not Using It For Business?

Slideshare.net is an extremely powerful content sharing/social media platform that took the business world by storm after it was launched in Oct. 2006. It is the largest community for hosting and sharing professional documents on the web. Slideshare is the best channel for content marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses to reach out to their target audience effectively using presentations and also a great way to build their professional network and generate leads. 

You can upload a whole range of document formats (e.g. MS-PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF and so on), webinars and videos to this site on any topic, but most of the content that you find here is business and technology related. 

There are compelling reasons why businesses are utilizing Slideshare extensively for promoting their content. Some of them are as mentioned below, 

  1. Top site – Slideshare ranks at 194th position on the internet, which means it’s one of the 200 most visited websites on the internet.
  2. High traffic – Currently Slideshare.net gets 60 million monthly visitors and 140 million monthly page views.
  3. Great search traffic – Slideshare content usually gets a very high ranking in search results, which means a sure shot way to get more visitors to your content from search engines.
  4. Better than the best – According to ComScore, Slideshare.net gets 5 times more visitors than other popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – together.
  5. Shareable – You can easily share your Slideshare content on social media with the world.
  6. Embed presentations – Embed Slideshare presentations and videos on blogs/websites and company intranets.
  7. Integrate YouTube – You can even embed YouTube videos on Slideshare presentation.
  8. Great analytics – Slideshare offers great analytics features that allows you to know the number of visitors to your presentations, number of shares and other useful data if you upgrade to their Pro account, that will help you understand your target audience.
  9. Repurpose – Slideshare is a great platform to re-use or repurpose your existing Powerpoint Presentations or other Documents on your hard disk, publish it there and convert them into a targeted traffic source. The rule of thumb though is to make your content bulleted, relevant and short. Try to convey more with less.
  10. Generate leads –Slideshare.net also offers excellent tools for branding, customization, designing, lead capture and an in-depth analytics tool – if you upgrade your basic account to a Pro account. You can also upload and host your videos on Slideshare if you upgrade. So if you are into inbound marketing, B2B marketing or content marketing you can always use Slideshare premium account for getting a very detailed info about your visitors and build high quality leads, But before you upgrade, it is highly recommended to be well-versed with the basic account features.

Now it’s up to you! Have you been using Slideshare.net for your business? What has been your experience with it? How has this platform changed the course of your business? OR are you completely new to this technology? No matter what stage you are in, I am eager to hear your feedback about this powerful platform! Please leave your feedback as a comment below.

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The Misconceptions of Outsourcing Sales Duties and How It Can Save Your Business Money

Business owners have to go to great lengths to keep their businesses open and making money. They often stay up late every night just to wake up early the next day. They take pay cuts to keep their businesses afloat and their employees employed. They do everything they can to build their business and their brand.

But sometimes in tough economies like this one, business owners need to start thinking more creatively to cut costs and stay on top. A lot of people are talking about outsourcing these days and many businesses are using it as a way to save money.

Are you thinking about outsourcing your sales duties to save your business money, but you have some worries about how it will work out? Below are the most common misconceptions about outsourcing. See if your concerns are well founded or not.

“I don’t want to hire a full time representative.” If that sounds familiar, read on. You may think you only want a part-time sales rep, but this probably won’t work out well. You eventually will scale the sales rep up to a full-time position because it is a position that requires flexibility and availability. The good news is that sales outsourcing companies can help you meet your specific needs. They will help you find the right balance.

“The sales team I have is working out just fine.” Even if you have an excellent sales team working out of your office, you might still benefit from some outsourced sales work. They can act like an extension of your team on the ground. You can assign them specific tasks to free up your sales team’s time, or you can have them approach new potential customers that are outside of your team’s orbit.

“I want to hire my own team.” A lot of managers get the jitters about hiring someone they have not personally reviewed, interviewed, and approved. But unless you are a professional recruiter, you might be surprised by how much better outsourcing companies are at this job than you are. After all your training is in something else – running a business. Doing the work of putting a team together can take significant amounts of time, and giving this job to an outsourcing company can cut your costs and give you better results.

“I need to keep control of sales.” Although outsourcing your sales might seem like handing over control, the truth is that you are still very much in control. Only instead of having to manage a full team, you only need to manage your relationship with your contact at the outsourcing company. Good communication will ensure that your outsourced sales team is doing exactly the job you want them to be doing.

“Outsourcing won’t build my brand.” Building a brand for yourself is very important and should be central in any plan you put together to execute your business objectives. But there is no reason that outsourcing is at odds with this goal. Sales representatives are extensions of your business, they will work on building your brand. Their success is your success and vice versa, just like the rest of your employees.

If you are considering outsourcing but you are worried about losing control, diluting your brand, not knowing your employees, or that you simply don’t need it, think again. Outsourcing your sales team, whether in whole or in part, can boost your business, your brand, your team, and your time. So look into outsourcing your sales team today!

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The Best Blogs Make The Best Guest Posting Opportunities For Your Company – How To Get On Them

One of the hardest things in business has always been isolating the community that needs you, your products or your Services. This could be done in the past, but it was a laborious process that took a lot of time, effort and material and money to maintain. Direct mail lists, basically, and newsletters and flyers to people on the list were the options available to the businessman or company. At the time, that was about as effective as you could get.

One of the great advantages to business that the modern internet has brought is the easy way to pinpoint the people who would be most interested in your business. With the right marketing strategies, you can quickly increase your standing in your field; gain new and potential customers from a group of people you know have a strong interest in your business and increase your page rankings by the use of legitimate relevant links. 

Approaching a group or community who you know have need of your website or business can be done by the company itself, but usually there is not the resources needed to properly design and implement the marketing plan. One of the best ways to accomplish these goals is to make a concerted effort to guest blog on the sites which have a high need of your business or website. In this way, you can introduce yourself to this community in a natural, organic way.

The blog post, of course, has to deal with the same topic as the blog – but no matter what your business or website, there will be blogs that deal with it. It is best to find a variety that may find use for your company in different ways. Airbrushes, for example, could be worked into art blogs, car and motorcycle customization blogs and model enthusiast blogs.

Each would have a specific need for your products, and each blog post written would be geared specifically for the blog, bringing a new voice and perspective and entertaining and teaching the blog’s readers. 

The better blogs will not accept anything less; they will not accept poorly written material, and they won’t if they are a well written blog with lots of readers. Hiring a professional writer or better yet a whole team to put this marketing strategy in place is usually more efficient than doing it yourself.

The WL Marketing Guest Post Service is a good example of this. A good SEO services company is going to have access to a wide range of professionals, including high quality writers. 

A professional writer’s job is to put the best face on your company, and it should be easy working with them so that the blog post is entertaining, technically accurate, and delivers unique knowledge on the subject. The article should also introduce the company to the readers in an open, honest way. This greatly increases the chances of visits to their website from the links in the blog, and that will increase sales.

Getting the selected blogs to accept a guest post varies in difficulty. As stated above, the point is to get the best, most relevant and most widely read blogs that operate in the area of your business. The blog owner also benefits from the links, and they get excellent content for their readers.

Talk to an SEO services company today to see how this strategy could be adopted for your company; it is a 21st century marketing tactic that is honest, above board and most all – effective. Find your customers by guest posting in the right blogs.

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Internet Business Advice For Beginners

Making business online is the best way to grow in the business field. Through online you can approach people and enables you to strengthen business profile, objectives, goals etc. A clear and clean idea about your project will be given on the website where people can learn more about you. 

To begin your business through internet you must go through little things:

  • Domain name is necessary as there may be same name existing in the search, so be creative in choosing a domain name. You can choose it with a basic name along with some keywords by which your product really comes into picture.
  • Be a social secured website. Make sure that your business is on all social networks like Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. These help you to develop your business and they are in favour of people with creative ideas.
  • You need few supporters in your business to market it online. Web-designers, 24/7 call attending plumber, graphic designers, content writer etc. Select them in the best way as they are the makers of your website. Try to build your website with an effective web page with experienced web designers. Make use of friends or search for people who can design it in a spotless way.
  • Know about the market position in order to know your success rate. Here you must know about the competition in the market and plan a strategy so as to compete with them and make profits. Give best deals and get profits.
  • While starting a website you have to invest some amount of money which differs from basic one to the dominant one. You can even link your website with other web owners to advertise your website.
  • Must know how to divert traffic.
  • Make your webpage as effective as possible by using search bar, images, content, contact details etc.
  • Maintaining links with customers offers growth for your business. And make sure that customer details on your website are secure. Never make them inconvenient, treat them in good manner. Maintain friendly relations with them so that you can and let them know about your business more.
  • Through internet marketing growth will be slower so be patient and learn, don’t give up for simple things. Later on there will be a better outcome through online trade. Achievement on the web is erratic but still it is profitable.
  • Make affiliate marketing. Promote the products which are genuine and relevant to your site. For every sale of the product, you get some percentage of the sale as commission. In this manner you can earn money but ensure that the products you promote are reliable and good.
  • Advertise through websites which are similar to your site. 
  • You can even market directly through your site which will lead you to success. 

By making use of the above tips you can begin online marketing with better ideas. Utilise your creativity and include inspiration and innovation. People are interested in new things hence include these in your ideas and see the difference.

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3 Ways you can Leverage on Inbound Marketing through Mobile

Inbound marketing is advertising through online platforms such as blogs, podcasts, social media, and other similar avenues. In contrast to outbound marketing, inbound marketing is about being where your customers can find you which are primarily in the Web. It is about providing relevant content that is helpful to your users. Inbound marketing is a mutually beneficial relationship. Your customers patronize you because you also provide something useful for them other than your products. Outbound marketing is all about billboards, commercials, phone calls, and other traditional advertisements. With a lot of people using smart phones, mobile devices have now become one of the major website access points. This is a great platform for inbound marketing. Here are three ways you can leverage inbound marketing for mobile devices. 

Create mobile version of your site. If you want to be found, the first thing you need to do is make a mobile version of your company website. This will make it easy and fast for mobile users to access your site. Full websites take a long time to load and mobile users do not have the leisure of waiting. This is the reason why mobile versions are being done by almost all companies. The NBA.com website is one of the most high-traffic sites in the Web. Its mobile site contains the schedule, scores, and headlines that basketball aficionados can also find in a full website. If you create one for your site, you can attract more site visitors. Just make sure that you have all the relevant information there.

Make mobile apps. Smart phone users are also mobile app enthusiasts. Once a mobile app becomes a hit, it is downloaded by millions of users. Create an app for your company that showcases your products or other features related to it. Most users prefer social media, games, and other interests in app form. Apps make them feel secure since it is installed in their mobile phone already and the possibility of interruption rarely or doesn’t happen at all. Create a mobile app that is fun for your users without doing a hard sell of your products. This form of inbound marketing may be indirect strengthens your brand further. 

Do mobile promos. The great thing about mobile promos is that it is non-intrusive. Compared to home calls and visits, receiving updates in one’s mobile phone can get the attention of your target market more effectively. Mobile messages and promos can immediately be read by your customers. They have the option to participate if you make it easy and simple for them. They can also get their rewards easily and present your message in your stores or use codes to redeem prizes online. You can also send text blasts containing the release of your latest product or details of your upcoming events. It is also another avenue to promote your latest website offerings. Since most users have internet connection already they can check it immediately. 

When you go mobile in your inbound marketing, it shows that you can adapt to the ever evolving lifestyle of your target market. You also convey that you know the needs of users by modifying your site, apps, and promos to their advantage. Inbound marketing is all about drawing your customers to you and allowing them to find you. The mobile world is one of the best platforms you can leverage your inbound marketing. With the rise of mobile devices that allows users to do practically everything, the need to be present in the online mobile world is becoming a necessity for companies.

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8 Ways To Use Vine App For Inbound Marketing

It’s not just trees that are dwindling, research shows that our attention span is diminishing as well. Hence, let’s introduce two entities that are perfect for each other. “Short Attention Span”, meet the “Vine App”. In January 2013, Twitter launched its new mobile integrated app called, the “Vine”. It is a new way of sharing video content because, well you only get to share 6 seconds, and it has a quasi GIF format because it is a loop video. Yes, 6 seconds is all you get to catch the attention of a potential client. 

When you see how much people are biting into the Instagram fever, you realize one thing: we live in the visual age. As telemarketers, we have to jump at every opportunity that social media marketing has to offer. We’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and now we have “Vine”. So how can you attract your audience in 6 seconds? Here are 8 ways to help you.

1. Leave Them Hanging
Curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity led Pandora to open that infamous box. No doubt about it, curiosity gets the better of people. So, use that to your advantage. Take that 6 seconds you have to catch their precious attention and then leave them hanging in the end. Nothing draws people in, more than curiosity so shroud your product/service is delightful mystery in your video then draw them in to your site which has all the answers they were looking for. 

2. Make Infographics
The reason why we love Instagram is because we hate text. The reason why Twitter has a maximum of 140 character limit is because too much text annoys people, we don’t like to read too much stuff. However, valuable information is always captured in text, which sadly, we don’t like to read. To strike a balance between rich information and visual interpretation, make infographics. Infographics are super trendy because you can understand heavy information in a flash. People love infographics so really take time in mastering this art. 

3. Use Time Lapse
Admittedly, 6 seconds is not enough. If you want to show much in this little amount of time, creating a time lapse video is your best option. For example, make a time lapse of how your product is created. Make a Vine version of Discovery Channel’s “How They Do It”. People appreciate it when they see the process of how things are made.

4. Chronicle A Day In The Office
Humanize your product or service by chronicling a day in the office. Of course, you may have to exaggerate a bit, because nobody wants to watch you sit in front of a computer for 6 seconds. Highlight interesting moments and events. Show how everybody is passionate about what they’re doing and that they are the best at what they do.

5. Make LOL Videos
Just as laughs are contagious, so are funny content. Put that whiplash humor into good use and lure your clients in by showing the light side of things. People are under a lot of stress, it’s good if you can find something about your product/service that can make people happy… literally. 

6. Pluck Some Heartstrings
Appeal to the emotion. Just as curiosity is one of the best bait, so is emotional content. If you were a recreational store, ask people to post their 6 seconds of bliss in camping, fishing, biking, hiking etc. Create campaigns that will move people to share their stories of triumph and defeat. These kinds of content can even go viral which will help you reap bountifully.

7. Share On Facebook
Sharing your Vine videos on Facebook is now possible, and Vine is working to make your videos shareable on multiple social media sites. So don’t forget to share your quirky videos in Facebook to lure the billions of Facebook users into your site.

8. Make It On “Editor’s Picks”
I don’t have to say be unique. That should always be a given whenever you want to succeed in marketing. But devote much time and effort to quality rather than quantity. Hopefully then, the Vine’s Editors will spot your video and include it in their Editor’s Picks list. Making it on the list will definitely thrust your views and increase your visibility in the market. 

The Vine app can broaden your inbound marketing reaches. However, you will not be the only one using this tool to your advantage. Remember that you must offer excellent visual content that is clear and concise to make the Vine app work wonders for your business.

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Affiliate marketing: A feasible option to make extra cash!

Affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the best ways to make money online. You get a pay per lead affiliate, fixed percentage or amount of commission set by the individual for whom you are creating sales, leads or clicks that is directed to his sites. When you enroll with an affiliate program, the affiliate may be assigned with an affiliate url with an embedded tracking code. This code can be beneficial for the advertisers.  

Affiliate marketing is considered to be a lucrative business that helps to make money. But you need to be aware that affiliate marketing is definitely not an easy way to make money. There are various factors that may determine whether you’re able to make money affiliate marketing.   

# High traffic
# Find relevant products
# Find quality products
# Build trust with your readers
# writing a good sales copy can be beneficial

A guide to affiliate marketing:
Affiliate marketing is unique with its special features that offer a special scheme of affiliate marketing functioning.

There are three parts involved in an affiliate marketing network that includes a merchant who is referred as an advertiser or a seller, an affiliate who is a publisher and the visitors who are the customers. If you follow a step by step method, then it may not be difficult to achieve success through affiliate marketing. The products of the merchants can be promoted to the customers after an affiliate partner signs up to advertise it. An affiliate may receive an affiliate marketing commission, if the product is sold with the help of the promotion. Therefore, if you successfully direct the visitors from the affiliates’ link to buy or hire the service or product, then you can get some money from every accepted purchase or offer.

Affiliate marketing provides additional benefits as it gives opportunity to create sub-affiliate network. The affiliate can allure more than one partner to work for him. Therefore, extra percentage can be added from the action of every individual customer.      

As a result, the affiliate marketing incorporates people around the globe as large number of programs is being developed by the sites. The reason behind the success of affiliate marketing is that an individual can be involved into affiliate marketing in various conditions given below:  

•    Work from home to make extra money
•    Use the program as a source for earning some extra cash
•    Use your spare time to earn some money after college or office
•    Affiliate marketing is not complicated method to learn
•    Start up investment is not required for this business.

Make sure you give your precious time while starting your affiliate marketing. Try to manage with affiliate marketing tool as it can be beneficial. These tools are hassle free and these may help your website work without interruption. You can automatically earn money with the help of affiliate marketing program. Remember, link building and contents are two noteworthy options that you need to consider in order to make stable income.  

But you should keep in mind that the affiliate marketing can adversely affect your brand, if you frequently promote low quality products or services. Therefore, you are required to be careful while promoting a product that it does not blemish the brand image of your blog.

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